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Yoga Boarding

What is Yoga Boarding? Imagine being out in the warm sunshine and imagine the space your yoga mat takes up. Now, imagine it a little longer, and floating on water! Sound impossible? Not with a stand up paddle board! SUP boards are designed to be very stable floatation devices, and only require your body’s natural balance abilities to stay upright. So what does that mean for your yoga routine? It means you can still have the relaxation and fitness benefits, now in the middle of the ocean! Balancing on the paddle board really works your core mid section and provides an exceptional workout. Weather you're a beginner or expert, young or old, yoga paddleboarding is a lot of fun so give it a try!

$65.00 for private lesson including Paddleboard Rental:

Group Rate 5 or more people $50.00 each

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Meet Our Yoga Instructors:

Rita Cortez
Paddle Yoga Instructor

Rita only discovered yoga in her 30s, and thanks to it, she is now in the best shape of her life. She is the mother of four children. She believes that our bodies were created to be healthy and happy and if we treat them right it is possible to grow healthier and stronger with each passing year. Rita has been doing yoga for ten years and teaching for six. She has a Master’s in Business Administration and is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Certified Personal Trainer. Rita teachers private and group lessons at Yoga Parkland and at the Parkland YMCA. She co-teaches handstand workshops with Craig throughout South Florida.

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Ultimate Balance Challenge


Janelle Smiley
Yogaboard Instructor

Hi, my name is Janelle Smiley. I am a Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, and Yoga Enthusiast (student in training), and CPR certified. I was born and raised on the sunny beaches of Hollywood, FL and the water calls to me. I have been a part of canoe and kayak excursions all over Florida, both fresh and salt water. Paddling in the ocean makes you feel one with it – and I can’t get enough. I detest boring exercise so I am always trying to find new ways to challenge myself and my clients. When the opportunity presented itself to mix paddle boarding and other fitness modalities such as yoga, core training, resistance bands, swimming, and boot camp, I couldn’t help myself I had to teach this class. I can’t wait to evolve this new style of fitness with you, so come out and play.
Craig Bassett
Paddle Yoga Instructor
Craig has been an athlete all his life. He was a gymnast at Illinois State University, where he competed in the all around. He finished the Los Angeles Marathon in 2:45. He has been practicing yoga for eight years and teaching for five. Craig teaches vinyasa flow yoga and yin yoga at Yoga Parkland. He also teaches handstand workshops throughout South Florida. Craig provides students with expert advice on how to improve their handstands, inversions and arm balances. He has a Master’s in Business Administration, is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Yoga Teacher.

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Ultimate Balance Challenge

The Ultimate Balance Challenge taught
by Rita Cortez and Craig Bassett:

· Do you want a workout that is both challenging and fun?

· Do you like being surrounded by nature?

· Do you enjoy trying new things?

Then our Paddle Board Yoga class is for you!

Imagine a yoga class that is both challenging and wonderfully relaxing. Imagine a beautiful setting, blue skies and a gentle breeze. You’re completely surrounded by nature as you focus on your breath and fill up with joy. Sounds yummy? It really is! With paddle board yoga you get to enjoy all the benefits of yoga in a soothing outdoor setting. Being on a paddle board relaxes your mind and challenges your body in an entirely different way.

Our classes are appropriate for all levels, as each student is encouraged to work at his or her own capacity and pace. A variety of asanas will be explored, with safe variations for beginners and more advanced variations for experienced students. This is a fun and mindful experience that will challenge you to let go the ego and be playful like a child. Guaranteed to bring about a natural high that will last all day long!

What to wear: A swimsuit or other comfortable clothing that allows you freedom of movement. Make sure it is something you don’t mind getting wet in.

What to bring: Towel, water, sunscreen and a change of clothes.

Classes are taught by Craig Bassett and Rita Cortez, certified yoga teachers and personal trainers.


$65.00 for private lesson per class including Paddleboard Rental:

$50.00 for 5 or more per class including Paddleboard Rental:

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