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Dear Tatiana,

Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful sport, which has become my favorite past time!  After rotator cuff surgery, I took one lesson from your instructor and became hooked on paddle boarding.  Our panoramic views may be different, but the fun is the same.  Soon here in Pittsburgh, the leaves will start to change, and the water will become brisk.  However, the sunrise and sunset remain beautiful from the view on the paddle board.   Paddle boarding helped accelerate my shoulder recovery while maintaining strength in other parts of the body.  This was an eye opener to me, as I realized the true value of this sport.   On the paddle board, the stressors of the day seem to vanish, or at least be minimized.  My mind is clear on the paddle board, and I am able to think broadly and openly.  The lakes here are beautiful, with forests and flowers surrounding the background.  I can’t wait to pack the paddle board on the car and head to the lake each week.  Thank you, Tatiana, for bringing me a new way of exercising, but more importantly, a new way of discovery! 





Nautical Adventures is a very impressive store. I’m glad to know about it.

I had a great time this morning. Mileto was an excellent guide and teacher and I learned a lot from him. I’d like to sign up for his boot camp to improve my technique and learn more race-related skills. Can you tell me when your next boot camp is? Also, I’d like to schedule a SUP surf skill workshop for the weekend of Feb 15th & 16th. My two grandsons are here that weekend and I’d like us to learn proper surf techniques and protocols. Would it be possible to schedule something for that weekend? Maybe even a private lesson if necessary?



Tatiana - learning how to paddle board was an amazing life changing experience. I am an administrator for one of the largest academic radiology department ts in the country. High stress and in need of an outlet. I found one today. When I return to Pittsburgh, I plan to buy a board and paddle on the lakes of  western Pennsylvania. The colors in Autumn will be breathtaking. Thank you, and best wishes to you and your company. I've already sent your web link to all of my doctors. I have a meeting at Holy Cross Hospital on Monday and will tell everyone how wonderful was my experience.

Thank you!

Dan Wassilchalk



What a fun and relaxing experience! If you haven't tried it! Believe me, NO pressure and anyone can SUP. For me it's H2O every time!

Laura Thompson
-Ft Lauderdale, FL




I came down to Florida to get away from the cold and tried SUP for the first time. It was great! The instructor was really good and I only fell once. I highly recommend it.

James Spinelli
-Long Island, NY




My boyfriend and I were down in Ft Lauderdale visiting and saw a brochure for Stand Up Paddle Boarding. We decided to try it and boy were we glad we did! It was the best part of our trip. So much fun, I will definitely try it again on the Jersey Shore this summer.

Sarah Patterson

-Seaside Heights, NJ


Oh my God. You have to try this sport. I've been out 3 times now and I'm hooked. It's a blast. I'm going to get my own board next and one day I'll try one of the races. I did the Moonlight Paddle and it was unbelievable! I definitely recommend it to everyone!

Jill Hanson
Atlanta, GA



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